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How Does Domain Cost Club Work?

Domain Cost Club works like any other registrar; you pay for domains and we register them on your behalf at the TLD registry. Where we differ from other registrars is that we sell domains at-cost to our Club Members. Other registrars take the price they receive from the registry and mark up the registration price, like a middle man. Domain Cost Club aims to remove the middle man by giving you access to the same prices we get from the registry, the wholesale price. Whether you have many domains or just a few, Domain Cost Club has a Club Membership option for you!

Free Domain Privacy

Why pay extra for something that should be free? We offer Domain Privacy for free for all domains!
Privacy means that your personal information is not made public when purchasing domain names.

Hundreds of New Domain Extensions

The Internet is expanding. Hundreds and eventually thousands of new domain name extensions, like .CLUB, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .ONLINE, and .XYZ are being added to the Internet. Take advantage of it! Create a memorable and search engine optimized name that will brand you on the Internet.

Members Receive:

  • Free Domain Privacy
  •  At-Cost Pricing
  •  No-Hassle Shopping
  •  Guaranteed At-Cost Annual Renewals

Referral Program

Do you love all the benefits of Domain Cost Club? Then why not refer others and benefit even more, by making money on every referral that signs up for a Club Membership! Just have them enter your username during registration. You don’t have to participate in the referral program; the product will be the same either way.

For example, if you refer someone to an Unlimited Membership you will earn a $25.00 referral fee. You will continue to earn the referral commissions on subsequent renewals. If a member signs up for a Lite to Plus Membership and later decides to upgrade their membership level, you will be compensated the difference at the time of upgrade.

Membership Type Membership Price Referral Commission
Lite $9.99 $1.00
Basic $29.99 $5.00
Plus $49.99 $10.00
Unlimited $99.99 $25.00

You will earn commissions listed above based on what you refer. It does not matter what type of membership you have. If you are a Lite Membership and you refer an Unlimited Membership, you will earn $25.00.

All monies earned will be credited to your account which you can use to purchase domains, renew memberships, and other services. Or you can choose to have your commissions paid out by check, wire, or Paypal.

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