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In This video, I am going to show you step by step how to start your affiliate marketing website.

If you want to learn how to make money online, then this video will definitely help you out and we are not going to sell any course. We are going to give you step by step details on how to make the website, create content, market your website, and tips and how to grow you affiliate marketing website so you can start making passive income and make money online! YOU CAN DO IT!


2:00 Get hosting and domain
5:40 Install wordpress
9:09 Technical changes
11:15 Adding a theme
13:25 Adding plugins
17:00 Installing SSL
19:35 Creating menu and pages
23:10 Envato elements
27:35 Design website
37:32 Creating Blog Posts
46:22 Creating a premium blog page
53:20 Creating A Premium Blog Post
1:02:08 My Affiliate Blog
1:05:10 Widgets
1:10:00 Creating a contact form
1:13:50 Joining affiliate programs
1:19:43 Content Strategy, ideas, and creating content
1:40:30 Content writing services
1:45:32 Creating blog post with alex
2:12:30 SEO For Posts

Alex created an affiliate blog website and tracked his results on his channel. We are both full time affiliate marketers and we do NOT sell courses on how to make money online. If you need help, feel free to leave me a comment and we will get back to you! Good luck!


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33 thoughts on “How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners🔥 [MAKE MONEY ONLINE]🔥

  1. Whats up Party People! Learn how to create an affiliate marketing website where you can make PASSIVE income. We are full time affiliates that do this for a living and we dont sell courses. After watching this video, you will be on your way to start your affiliate marketing journey and make sure to watch the video all the way till the end! Make sure to share this video and like it!

  2. Hello Darrel. I was waiting for this course since long time. Although, I bought Authority Hackers course for Amazon Authority Sites Building, But I really want to see the Amazon Affiliate Marketing course from you. Why? Because I love your teaching methodology. Thank you…

    1. hey man thanks again, this was by the far the best tutorial on youtube for affiliate marketing

  3. Big Good Evening bro, since long time i was sure that you are amazing especially in revealing the right tuto without much crap talk thanks from marrakech

  4. Great insight every time! Can you talk about Domain Front Running and perhaps what companies to avoid?? It’s becoming a real problem with sites like and Network Solutions

  5. Man this is just brilliant you completely avoid the trouble of custom post types taxonomies etc.. by reusing and modifying envato elements template, i’m just in aww in front of so much creative lazyness

  6. I just watched this video and found it very informative. And yes I can not agree more with you about the so call “” gurus” out there that are trying to make money off of the poor soul that is srarting out and trying to survive AKA myself. Thank you very much for keeping it real and honest . And I Subscribe to your’s channel and Alex’s

  7. Holy shitballs bro, where did you come from? I found this how-to video-tutorial so valuable it’s a keeper. Thankyou Darrel and WP Eagle you’re both worth your weight in gold.

  8. Hey Darrel, great content as usual, however some of elemenetor is pro only! Like the stars for eg any suggestions?

  9. Heyyy you made one finally!! Awesome!! I will watch it . I love WP Eagle’s style but I think I will enjoy this one too. Thanks a million man !!!!

  10. Darrell – I am just starting this tutorial. For anyone who sees this, they need to know that you are top shelf. I had to do an ecommerce site some years ago and I followed your tutorial. It came out perfectly. Needless to say I have been following you ever since for years.

  11. Hey, I stumbled across this video by accident and half way through, I have learned things about WP that just made everything click…even though I dont like how lazy he was at the beginning 😛 I came out with a lot of value just half way through the video…..gotta go watch the rest!!

  12. Take a shot every time Darrel says “right here”
    Otherwise, killer video! Ton of great actual value!

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